JSP Report

According to the report,

  • Nine out of seventeen sectors surveyed have indicated double digit growth sentiments with overall positive sentiment. Majority cities, 7 out of 9, have also shown positive outlook towards salary growth.
  • Ecommerce sector in Bangalore (maximum 15.37%) and Educational Services sector in Mumbai (maximum 14.55%) exhibited the maximum salary growth across sectors.
  • The E-commerce and Tech Start up , educational, FMCG, FMCD, Healthcare and Pharma, IT, media and entertainment, retail and retail communication sector are the biggest gainer with 10% increase in the growth sentiments across the employers surveyed.
  • Some of the other sectors with less than 10% salary growth were Agriculture and Agrochemicals, Automobiles and allied services, BPO Services, Construction and Real Estate, Hospitality, Industrial Manufacturing and allied and Power and energy sectors.
  • Kolkata and Ahmedabad were the only two cities that exhibited sub-10% growth in more than 10 sectors.


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JSP Report