Apprenticeship to boost 25 % employment opportunities in Hyderabad in 2019

IT sector witnesses positive momentum in 2018

NETAP in association with India Apprenticeship Forum hosts a roundtable on leveraging the power of apprenticeship

The Stipends Commanded By Apprentices Are Higher Than Minimum Wages States Teamlease Report

TeamLease flagship apprenticeship program, NETAP completes training for 1.3 lakh candidates since its inception in 2014

TeamLease Services lauds government's efforts to bring amendments in the Maternity Benefit Act 2017


HR Tech has improved time and cost efficiency for administration by 65%: TeamLease Report: HR Tech Report

Hiring sentiment to decrease over the next few months; TeamLease Employment Outlook Report

Median salary to increase positively over the next few months: TeamLease Jobs & Salaries Primer Report

TeamLease to acquire a stake in AVANTIS, agreement to create an ‘EASE-Of-DOING-Business’ vertical

Hiring sentiment to increase positively over the next few months; TeamLease employment outlook report

Maternity (amendment) bill to have mixed impact on women workforce participation- TeamLease report 

Logistics all set to become the largest Infrastructure jobs engine for India- TeamLease report

Sales domain has the potential to create 2.5 million jobs over the next 3 years-states TeamLease 

Employees and Employers prefer variable pay and flexi benefits along with plain salary increments states TeamLease Report

Regulatory changes critical to create 1 crore formal jobs states TeamLease Services


Employer Expectations are better met by apprentices than freshers states TeamLease Report

Teamlease Salary Primer Report 2017: Bangalore and Mumbai leads India’s employment market, putting Delhi behind all but one

Hiring Sentiment to improve incrementally over the next six months; TeamLease Employment Outlook Report

Overall Employment Outlook for India Inc dips sharply, by 6 percentage points, for the half year, April – September, 2017: TeamLease Employment Outlook Report 2017-18

Goal of creating 120 million jobs in 24 sectors over 2015 -2020 will be hard to accomplish: TeamLease Labour Laws Eco-system Report 2017


GST to boost job creation; Hiring to increase by 11%: TeamLease Report

Vocational education in India continues to rank lower than any other program and is mired with low esteem: TeamLease report

52% of women prefer to work with younger bosses: TeamLease Study

Corporate India calls for paperless Labour Law compliance

E-Commerce and tech start-ups to dominate hiring; will witness a 23.6% growth in jobs: TeamLease Employment Outlook Report

India Inc. to hire more, but pay moderately; states TeamLease jobs & salaries primer 2016

49% of India Inc. believes referral programs breeds mediocrity: TeamLease study

India Inc still reluctant to integrate women into workforce; more than 72% of women feel gender bias still exists: TeamLease study

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