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Kunal Sen

16 Aug, 2016

SMEs attracting women with offers of greater flexibility

An article in Economic Times and Indian Express talks about how SME sector is opening up to hire women across sectors; along with inputs from Kunal Sen. A mix of greater flexibility, more mentoring and a personalised management style is attracting more and more women, especially those who are restarting their career...

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Rituparna Chakraborty

15 Aug, 2016

Brace for more consolidation in online HR space: Experts

An article in Economic Times talks about how more consolidation is expected in the online recruitment sector, with job portals losing market share to social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter; along with inputs from Rituparna Chakraborty. More consolidation is expected in the online recruitment sector...

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Sonal Arora

12 Aug, 2016

Elders clear Bill allowing 6-month maternity leave

New law applicable to establishments employing more than 10 persons The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill, which was cleared by the Cabinet on Wednesday, got passed in Rajya Sabha on Thursday. The Bill provides for 26 weeks maternity leave, an increase from present 12 weeks The law will be applicable to all...

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Rituparna Chakraborty

12 Aug, 2016

Extra maternity leave will cut attrition

An article in Times of India, talks about the recent The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill; along with inputs from Rituparna Chakraborty. Retention of women employees in the workforce will improve with the passage of the Maternity Benefit Amendment Bill in Rajya Sabha. The bill will more than double paid maternity...

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Rituparna Chakraborty

11 Aug, 2016

Don’t use WhatsApp to ask for leave or send office work, companies tell staff.

An article in Hindustan Times talks about “how Companies are discouraging the use of WhatsApp for office communication”; along with inputs from Rituparna Chakraborty. Companies are discouraging the use of WhatsApp for office communication, saying the instant messaging app can only remain an informal and unofficial...

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Manish Sabharwal

3 Aug, 2016

Putting India to work

One of the most frustrating classifications of the last decade for India has been BRICS. We have little in common with commodity economies like Brazil, Russia, Indonesia and South Africa, which are commodity driven economies, with little economic complexity. India is economically complex; we make everything and do...

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Sonal Arora

18 Jul, 2016

Atlas shrugged

E-coolies are paying the price of propping up a happening economy, says Sharmistha Ghosal You've seen him climbing up the stairs of your building or waiting at the office reception area or zipping through the city on a two-wheeler. He is youngish, wears a T-shirt, sometimes a cap, both sporting the logo of the brand...

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Manish Sabharwal

14 Jul, 2016

Cabinet approves Rs12,000 crore skill development plan

Central govt will be responsible for meeting three-fourths of target under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana The skill development ministry will spend between 10% and 15% of the budget for creating a pool of workers for jobs created under programmes such as Make In India, Swachh Bharat and Digital India, said...

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Sumit Kumar

14 Jul, 2016

Five tips to crack an interview

Giving your first interview can be quite unnerving. I remember the first interview I gave for a campus placement. After clearing two rounds comprising of a group discussion and a role play, the final stage was an interview with the panel. It started off with a volley of questions beginning with a quintessential one “...

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Manish Sabharwal

30 Jun, 2016

The case for Holdco

Attracting the best human capital needs moving PSUs into an independent holding company. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel said, “It is a folly to ignore realities; facts take their revenge if they are not faced squarely and well”. We should take the Sardar’s advice in three questions about our public sector units (PSUs)....

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