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Kunal Sen

20 Sep, 2016

Choose wisely from among your job offers

An article in Hindu Business Line talks about how to choose the right job offer; along with inputs from Kunal Sen. Big firm or start-up? There’s much to be said for each; the area you want to work in will dictate your choice Here is a simple question. Say you have a job offer with a great package from a well-known...

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Rituparna Chakraborty

19 Sep, 2016

From the road to the cabin

An article in Mint talks about few ways to return to the professional world after a travel sabbatical; along with inputs from Rituparna Chakraborty. Returning to the professional world after a travel sabbatical isn’t always easy. Here’s what you can do. Gaurabh Mathure with a Pikkabox in Slovenia. Photo: Anuja Joshi...

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Manish Sabharwal

14 Sep, 2016

Govt ties up with private firms for real-time tracking of jobs

An article in Mint talks about how government is partnering with private entities to collect jobs data and build a platform to aggregate employment openings in real time; along with inputs from Manish Sabharwal. The centre has formed partnerships with 20 entities including job boards and staffing firms to provide...

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Rituparna Chakraborty

14 Sep, 2016

IIT-B median salary offer rises 6.5%

An article in Hindustan Times talks about how the median salary offered by companies at IIT-B has increased by 6.5% during last academic year; along with inputs from Rituparna Chakraborty. The median salary offered by companies at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B) increased by 6.5% during last academic...

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Manish Sabharwal

12 Sep, 2016

The war on cash

The central bank tool of negative interest rates (charging somebody to take their money) being used for $13 trillion in rich country government debt seems like it belongs to a different universe from India; the government issued 10-year bonds last week at seven per cent. But, anecdotal evidence suggests that the...

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Sudeep Sen

8 Sep, 2016

Have job seekers become wary of offers from startups

An article in talks about how job seekers have become more cautious while considering offers from startups as they present substantial risk to their long-term goals; along with inputs from Sudeep Sen. According to experts, job seekers have become more cautious while considering offers from startups as...

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Manish Sabharwal

8 Sep, 2016

Urbanisation, less regulations key to job creation in India: panel

An article in Mint talks about how job creation in India can be boosted; along with inputs from Manish Sabharwal. Two key areas— more regular wage employment and female employment—need urgent attention, say experts. Over 600 million people in India are under 35 and an efficient workforce can help boost the country’s...

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Neeti Sharma

7 Sep, 2016

Unique Courses: Banking and Finance - Talk money, bulls and bears

An article in Career 360 talks about various courses that will help candidates to build a banking career; along with inputs from Neeti Sharma. Jeremiah Quinlan, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions at Yale University pointed out to Careers360 sometimes back what global companies look for in students. “In today’s modern...

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Sonal Arora

7 Sep, 2016

ESIC raises wage threshold to Rs.21,000, aims to add 50 lakh workers

An article in Mint talks about ESIC’s decision to raise the wage threshold; along with inputs from Sonal Arora. The move is expected to bring in 2 crore people—assuming a family of 4—under the Employees State Insurance Corporation net The government on Tuesday overruled opposition from employers to allow an increase...

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Neeti Sharma

6 Sep, 2016

Imagine a world without vocational teachers?

To train 40 cr youth by 2022, India needs 10 lakh teachers per year; here’s how to get them For training 40 crore youth by 2022, we will require over 10 lakh skilled and certified teachers year on year Vocational skills is the one solution that everyone agrees to for solving many of our problems like skill deficit,...

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