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Manish Sabharwal

21 Nov, 2016

Jobs vs Wages

An authored article of Manish Sabharwal in Indian Express talks about how the creation of high-paying private sector jobs is being murdered by three faultlines in wages: Government vs private, nominal vs real, and gross vs net. Three faultlines in wages sabotage private formal job creation. Demonetisation will undo...

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Manish Sabharwal

15 Nov, 2016

Why demonetisation will work?

One of the most interesting bets in Mumbai's financial community last week was the about percentage of ₹12 lakh crore — the total physical currency of ₹17 lakh crore less ₹3.5 lakh crore with banks and ₹1.5 lakh crore in small notes—that will not be exchanged by or deposited in banks by December. This...

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Rituparna Chakraborty

10 Nov, 2016

Part of your salary comes in cash? Employers likely to change pay structure.

An article in Hindustan Times talks about how the demonetization of Rs.500 and Rs.1000/- will impact employees; along with inputs from Rituparna Chakraborty. She says “The move would cause inconvenience to some employers immediately. However, soon, we shall see recalibration of transactions which will become forcibly...

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Kunal Sen

4 Nov, 2016

Reskill to keep your job in the future workforce

These skills will help you forever remain relevant in the fast-changing job market   An article in  Economic Times the changing skills requirements from the workforce; along with inputs from Kunal Sen. He says “More and more jobs are likely to get reinvented with automation. Tech companies in the US have shed about...

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Kunal Sen & Prity Agarwal

28 Oct, 2016

The challenge in diversity hiring

This authored article is a byline of Kunal Sen, SVP, TeamLease and Prity Agrawal, Business Head-Services, TeamLease. We feel concerned when companies reach out to us to help them with their Diversity Hiring. The concept of introducing and encouraging diversity hiring is to give equal opportunity to all individuals,...

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Rituparna Chakraborty

24 Oct, 2016

ESOP millionaires among startups are an exception

An authored article of Rituparna Chakraborty in Economic Times Wealth talks about what things employees should keep in mind while opting for a compensation package with the ESOP component. ESOP is the Brahmastra in most employers’ arsenal to attract and retain talent. While in India, it was brought into vogue by IT...

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Rituparna Chakraborty

22 Oct, 2016

Govt in move to ease labour pains

An article in Financial Express talks about how the government is considering pruning the codes to rationalise the country’s labour laws for ensuring the ease of doing business and welfare for workers; along with inputs from Rituparna Chakraborty. On course to rationalise the country’s labour laws for ensuring the...

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Rituparna Chakraborty

19 Oct, 2016

GST- A boon for the youth

An authored article in People Matters Magazine talks about how the GST Bill will create a single unified market that will benefit will India Inc.; along with inputs from Rituparna Chakraborty. The GST bill is the big bang reform that is aimed at creating a single, unified market that will benefit the corporates,...

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Kunal Sen

19 Oct, 2016

Social Media Affecting Workplace Productivity

An article in  Economic Times talks about how social media is impacting workplace productivity; as per TeamLease World of Work Report. Unrestricted usage of social media at the workplace is impacting employee productivity states a new study by TeamLease. The World of Work Report states that around 32% of the total...

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Rituparna Chakraborty

13 Oct, 2016

Maternity benefits to retain mid-level executives

An article in DNA, talks about recent Maternity Benefits Bill being passed; along with inputs from Rituparna Chakraborty. Radhika Pendse, head of communications at a top telecom company, is a happy mother. She can nurse her seven-month old baby while finishing work from home. She travels to her office twice a week if...

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