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Neeti Sharma

23 Dec, 2016

Time for vocational education: introduce hands-on alternate skills starting with Class XI in school

An authored article of Neeti Sharma on Times of India talks about introducing vocational skills at school and college level to enable students to have at least some skill that will help them gain employment. A large part of our population is young and will in the next few years seek employment. Many of them are at a...

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Sumit Kumar

14 Dec, 2016

Investing in Human Capital

An authored article of Sumit Kumar in World HR Diary talks about importance of on-the-job training in Human Capital. In 1964, Gary Becker, a Nobel laureate, emphasized the importance of on-the-job training in Human Capital. His research specified that in spite of recognizing how productivity is affected by the job...

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Vikrant Pande

8 Dec, 2016

Technical education is right train on the wrong track

An authored article of Vikrant Pande (Provost, TeamLease Skills University) in DNA talks about how the teaching methodology in technical education is based on a faulty assumption. A recent article talking of nearly 2 lakh engineers applying for 368 peon posts in UP state is a clear example of engineering colleges...

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Manish Sabharwal

30 Nov, 2016

Regulating education: Unlike corporates, older the universities, better the quality

A Joint Byline by Janat Shah and Manish Sabharwal in Financial Express talks about how the differential impact of longevity on companies and varsities has important implications for education regulation. Poet Alfred Tennyson said in Morte d’Arthur, “The old order changed, yielding place to the new and God fulfils...

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Rituparna Chakraborty

29 Nov, 2016

GST Report

An article in Economic Times talks about the Report of GST Bill and Jobs by TeamLease; along with inputs from Rituparna Chakraborty. The implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) will lead to 11 per cent growth in hiring activities, says a report released today.  HR services provider TeamLease said that GST...

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Kunal Sen

29 Nov, 2016

Demonetization - Impact on small business

An authored article of Kunal Sen in World HR Diary talks about how demonetization has impacted the small businesses. The media generally believes that demonetization has been a political success and won the hearts of millions who think Modi is the only politician willing to take tough decisions to hit black money....

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Kunal Sen

24 Nov, 2016

Is your boss a Queen Bee?

An article in DNA, talks about the queen bee syndrome - a phenomenon high-ranking women actively limit the advancement of their female subordinates; along with inputs from Kunal Sen. HR experts say that female boss who won’t let those of her gender progress is a myth. It is a widely believed notion that high-ranking...

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Neeti Sharma

23 Nov, 2016

Build those Lego Blocks Right, Your Recruiter's Here

An article in Economic Times talks about how companies are going to adopt newer ways of assessing students to gauge their behavioural and analytical skills; along with inputs from Neeti Sharma. CHANGING PERCEPTIONS Companies adopt newer ways of assessing students to gauge their behavioural and analytical skills The...

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Rituparna Chakraborty

21 Nov, 2016

Rituparna Chakraborty Named Winner Of The Inaugural Telstra Business Woman In Asia Award

An article in Business World talks about Telstra choosing Rituparna Chakraborty, EVP & Co-Founder, TeamLease Services Limited as the winner of Business Woman in Asia Award. At the Telstra Business Women's Awards 2016 Rituparna Chakraborty from India was announced as the winner of the inaugural Telstra Business...

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Neeti Sharma

21 Nov, 2016

Women More Sympathetic Towards Teammates Says This HR Company's Woman Founder

A feature story about Neeti Sharma, SVP, TeamLease Services Limited; in Entrepreneur Magazine. Neeti Sharma, the co-founder of Teamlease Services – India’s top recruitment – says while management capabilities remain same for men and women managers, women are more sympathetic towards their team members. She calls women...

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