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Neeti Sharma

28 Jun, 2016

A new task for universities

In many sectors, recruiters are looking for "work-ready" graduates with clear evidence of job specific skills in addition to high-level graduate attributes Students make a large personal and financial commitment to their education and expect a high return on both. A recent study has shown that over half of the...

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Sumit Kumar

23 Jun, 2016

A catapult for your career

Sunita, a diploma holder in Electronics from rural Haryana, has been struggling to find a job since last 1 year. Like Sunita, there are lakhs of kids who are graduating every single day but finding it extremely difficult to get a job, mainly due to a lack of capability and skills. About 90% of the job openings today...

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Neeti Sharma

26 May, 2016

Top science careers to pursue after class 12

Find your aptitude. Think beyond engineering and medicine The class 12 results have just been announced in most states of the country. This is the time when most students are wondering what to do. Should you go ahead with graduation in science, commerce, arts or should you try something different? Something new?...

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Manish Sabharwal

23 May, 2016

3E policy: From more cooks in the kitchen to a different recipe

The contours of an appointment with India’s destiny built on three Es—education, employment and employability—is emerging Education may be the most important of the 3Es because in the modern world of work, the most important vocational skills are reading, writing and arithmetic and you can’t teach kids in six months...

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Neeti Sharma

11 May, 2016

I have a degree, why should I bother about soft skills

If you want a successful career, you must brush up your soft skills The dictionary definition of 'soft skills' is "desirable qualities for certain form of employment that do not depend on acquired knowledge." They include common sense, ability to deal with people and a positive flexible attitude. I would say soft...

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Rituparna Chakraborty

6 May, 2016

Wage a war against informality

Column: India faces a ‘formal job emergency’. 100% of net jobs since 1991 have been informal Raising wages by rigging minimum wages is like treating obesity by mandating small sizes India faces a formal job emergency; 100% of net jobs since 1991 have been informal. Informal jobs usually don’t pay the skill wage...

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Manish Sabharwal and Sumit Kumar

25 Apr, 2016

Making skills self-healing

One solution to India's challenges of education, employment, employability lies in state govts adopting apprenticeships on a large scale One solution to India's challenges of education, employment, employability lies in state govts adopting apprenticeships on a large scaleIn 1935, a committee chaired by Tej Bahadur...

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Neeti Sharma

25 Apr, 2016

How to draft a perfect CV

An employer spends less than a quarter of a minute on your CV. Does it have all it takes to make a fine impression? Your Curriculum Vitae should be a comprehensive document detailing yourself, your capabilities and your aspirations. An interviewer would make his/her first impression about you basis your CV. A CV is a...

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