Reskill to keep your job in the future workforce

These skills will help you forever remain relevant in the fast-changing job market
An article in  Economic Times the changing skills requirements from the workforce; along with inputs from Kunal Sen.

The war on cash

The central bank tool of negative interest rates (charging somebody to take their money) being used for $13 trillion in rich country government debt seems like it belongs to a different universe from India; the government issued 10-year bonds last week at seven per cent.

Women More Sympathetic Towards Teammates Says This HR Company's Woman Founder

A feature story about Neeti Sharma, SVP, TeamLease Services Limited; in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Neeti Sharma, the co-founder of Teamlease Services – India’s top recruitment – says while management capabilities remain same for men and women managers, women are more sympathetic towards their team members.

From the road to the cabin

An article in Mint talks about few ways to return to the professional world after a travel sabbatical; along with inputs from Rituparna Chakraborty.

Returning to the professional world after a travel sabbatical isn’t always easy. Here’s what you can do.

Is your boss a Queen Bee?

An article in DNA, talks about the queen bee syndrome - a phenomenon high-ranking women actively limit the advancement of their female subordinates; along with inputs from Kunal Sen.

HR experts say that female boss who won’t let those of her gender progress is a myth.

Ôö£├│├ö├®┬╝Ôòª┬úBe like Vishnu, not IndraÔö£├│├ö├®┬╝├ö├ñ├│

An article in talks about 10 takeaways for entrepreneurs from the Bangalore Biz LitFest 2016; along with inputs from Manish Sabharwal.

Regulating education: Unlike corporates, older the universities, better the quality

A Joint Byline by Janat Shah and Manish Sabharwal in Financial Express talks about how the differential impact of longevity on companies and varsities has important implications for education regulation.

Have job seekers become wary of offers from startups

An article in talks about how job seekers have become more cautious while considering offers from startups as they present substantial risk to their long-term goals; along with inputs from Sudeep Sen.

According to experts, job seekers have become more cautious while considering offers from startups as they present substantial risk to their long-term goals.

Investing in Human Capital

An authored article of Sumit Kumar in World HR Diary talks about importance of on-the-job training in Human Capital.

How to draft a perfect CV

An employer spends less than a quarter of a minute on your CV. Does it have all it takes to make a fine impression?

Your Curriculum Vitae should be a comprehensive document detailing yourself, your capabilities and your aspirations.