Neeti Sharma

Top science careers to pursue after class 12

Find your aptitude. Think beyond engineering and medicine

The class 12 results have just been announced in most states of the country. This is the time when most students are wondering what to do. Should you go ahead with graduation in science, commerce, arts or should you try something different? Something new?

Manish Sabharwal

3E policy: From more cooks in the kitchen to a different recipe

The contours of an appointment with India’s destiny built on three Es—education, employment and employability—is emerging

Neeti Sharma

I have a degree, why should I bother about soft skills

If you want a successful career, you must brush up your soft skills

The dictionary definition of 'soft skills' is "desirable qualities for certain form of employment that do not depend on acquired knowledge."

They include common sense, ability to deal with people and a positive flexible attitude.

When the law needs to catch up with reality

An article in Business Standard, talks about on growing contract workforce in India and the need to revamp the laws governing them; along with inputs from Rituparna Chakraborty.

Why demonetisation will work?

One of the most interesting bets in Mumbai's financial community last week was the about percentage of Ôö£├│├ö├ç├£Ôö¼Ôòú12 lakh crore — the total physical currency of Ôö£├│├ö├ç├£Ôö¼Ôòú17 lakh crore less Ôö£├│├ö├ç├£Ôö¼Ôòú3.5 lakh crore with banks and Ôö£├│├ö├ç├£Ôö¼Ôòú1.5 lakh crore in small notes—that will not be exchanged by or deposited in banks by December.

Unique Courses: Banking and Finance - Talk money, bulls and bears

An article in Career 360 talks about various courses that will help candidates to build a banking career; along with inputs from Neeti Sharma.

Jobs vs Wages

An authored article of Manish Sabharwal in Indian Express talks about how the creation of high-paying private sector jobs is being murdered by three faultlines in wages: Government vs private, nominal vs real, and gross vs net.

Three faultlines in wages sabotage private formal job creation. Demonetisation will undo some damage.

IIT-B median salary offer rises 6.5%

An article in Hindustan Times talks about how the median salary offered by companies at IIT-B has increased by 6.5% during last academic year; along with inputs from Rituparna Chakraborty.

The median salary offered by companies at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B) increased by 6.5% during last academic year, reveals the institute’s placement report.

Build those Lego Blocks Right, Your Recruiter's Here

An article in Economic Times talks about how companies are going to adopt newer ways of assessing students to gauge their behavioural and analytical skills; along with inputs from Neeti Sharma.


Companies adopt newer ways of assessing students to gauge their behavioural and analytical skills

JK Govt contemplates establishing skill development universities

An article in Greater Kashmir talks a meeting conducted by JK Government to discuss about various aspects of the state’s skill development mission, including skill mapping, infrastructure, capacity building, skill upgradation and courses for employability and entrepreneurship; Manish Sabharwal was invited to this meeting to understand JK’s needs and prepare a vision and mission document t