Labour Law and Compliance

Format: January, 2020

Manish Sabharwal and Sonal Arora

1 Sep, 2017


An authored article of Manish Sabharwal and Sonal Arora in Business Standard talks about national Minimum Wage A national Minimum wage will murder the formal job creation our youth need and corrodes competitive federalism The Ministry of Labour is clearly more ignorant than the young boy at a job fair in Gwalior who...

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Sonal Arora

10 Apr, 2017

Tips to help you decode the salary offer being made to you

With the beginning of the new financial year and the new headcount budget allocations kicking in at most companies, we will see hiring momentum picking up across industries in the first two quarters. Many first-time job seekers will hit the job market, and many employees at the early stages of their career will seek...

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Sonal Arora

7 Sep, 2016

ESIC raises wage threshold to Rs.21,000, aims to add 50 lakh workers

An article in Mint talks about ESIC’s decision to raise the wage threshold; along with inputs from Sonal Arora. The move is expected to bring in 2 crore people—assuming a family of 4—under the Employees State Insurance Corporation net The government on Tuesday overruled opposition from employers to allow an increase...

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Manish Sabharwal and Sonal Arora

16 Aug, 2016

Squeezing hostages

A joint byline by - Manish Sabharwal and Sonal Arora; published in Mint: The Provident Fund Organisation’s cadre restructuring will cost Rs2,000 crore and represents a massive abuse of its monopoly. The eliminating of EPFO’s monopoly, however difficult, is the right thing to do for social security...

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Sonal Arora

12 Aug, 2016

Elders clear Bill allowing 6-month maternity leave

New law applicable to establishments employing more than 10 persons The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill, which was cleared by the Cabinet on Wednesday, got passed in Rajya Sabha on Thursday. The Bill provides for 26 weeks maternity leave, an increase from present 12 weeks The law will be applicable to all...

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Sonal Arora

18 Jul, 2016

Atlas shrugged

E-coolies are paying the price of propping up a happening economy, says Sharmistha Ghosal You've seen him climbing up the stairs of your building or waiting at the office reception area or zipping through the city on a two-wheeler. He is youngish, wears a T-shirt, sometimes a cap, both sporting the logo of the brand...

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