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Format: January, 2020

Neeti Sharma

7 Sep, 2016

Unique Courses: Banking and Finance - Talk money, bulls and bears

An article in Career 360 talks about various courses that will help candidates to build a banking career; along with inputs from Neeti Sharma. Jeremiah Quinlan, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions at Yale University pointed out to Careers360 sometimes back what global companies look for in students. “In today’s modern...

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Neeti Sharma

17 Aug, 2016

Students take online route to earn & learn

An article in ET Wealth, talks about how students are taking up online jobs to earn and learn; along with inputs from Neeti Sharma. Studying, making money and gaining experience, all at once. With a world of jobs and business opportunities opening up online, a number of students are earning and learning simultaneously...

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